Ken at work

Ken Carpenter Jewelry

Edom, Texas


The handcrafted designs of fine jewelry in sterling silver and gold are created to offer a collection for the clients freedom to creatively express their personal style. The line of handcrafted jewelry features a variety of both classical and traditional settings portraying flowing, elegant forms. A full spectrum of color is available, creating the opportunity to select the perfect piece to compliment every couture.

There are a variety of different pieces of jewelry including: necklaces featuring stone pendants, bracelets in diverse shapes, earrings, rings, bolos and buckles. All the pieces are created to blend together not only with our jewelry but with other pieces a customer may already own. We use a large variety of cabochon and faceted stones such as amethyst, aventurine, rose quartz, onyx, green topaz, turquoise, garnet, and more. Our jewelry is mostly sterling silver with 14k gold overlays, bezels and other highlights.